Who is Atlantic Central Barber?

Josh the Barber

Who is Atlantic Central Barber?

"That guy up there with the beard and big smile, that’s me, Josh!"
I’ve been a barber for 4 and a half years and it was the best career decision I have made. I have always been a hands-on kind of guy, I like to think the jobs I have done in the past are quite creative.
When I left school I went to college and trained to be a car sprayer and did an apprenticeship; without going into too much detail, spraying, masking the cars and polishing the blemishes out were all the things I like to think of as ‘creative’ in that job. As 5-6 years passed I got made redundant, something that scared me as a young lad as I thought I’d be in that job and company for a long time, but I guess I was naive.
For as much as I used to love spraying cars I also loved riding my BMX which leads me onto my next job. BMXing is still a hobby of mine 14 years later. Racing my BMX got me thinking; what better way to spend your time than riding and working on bikes everyday... I became a mechanic. Ten years of custom building bikes, servicing your generic bike from Halfords or Argos, building wheels and drinking coffee with your mates; oh not forgetting the biscuits, YUMMY!! I raced for 8 years up and down the country competing at a regional and national level; my highlight was competing at a BMX World Championship event at the Birmingham NIA in 2012. Mixing work and play didn’t go hand in hand; although I still have a massive love for the sport, working with bikes all week long meant that when the weekend came around the last thought on my mind was riding. I decided that I needed to look at my career path. With me having that creative edge I decided that I would look into becoming a barber. Fortunately, my best mate had the same thought and we decided to enrol on a college course.

'Is barbering all about hair?'

Fast forward to now, I am not regretting my decision to change my career; I have learnt so much on the way and still enjoy learning everyday. When I first started at barber college with Dan (my best mate) we both had so much positive energy and ideas about the way we wanted to grow as barbers; still to this day we both bounce ideas off each other daily about progression and positive vibes.
In barbering you have to keep up with all the new relevant styles, products and tools out there. For me barbering is not just about cutting hair; yes you can cut someone’s hair, make them feel great and offer your professional advice to them but ultimately in this day and age your chair/barbershop is a safe space for someone to come and hang out or talk freely about how they are doing. It’s not always easy to spot a change in your client but you can always ask the questions. In my shop, we are inside a cafe, so you are more than welcome to come and get a drink even if you haven’t planned to get your hair cut.

'Coffee, Cuts & Cool Vibes'

Atlantic Central is a cafe situated above Atlantic fitness gym in Altrincham. As well as great coffee, the cafe also sells an array of supplements from proteins, herbal and natural products. The addition of the barbershop came months later when owner James Dobell (Founder of Atlantic Central & Shop4supplements) came up with a cool concept of putting a barber’s chair in the cafe. Currently we only have one chair, but the plan is to expand in the future. Right now we are concentrating on building a strong brand; we are currently working with Uppercut Deluxe to provide the best hair and beard products. We want to work with more independent small businesses like ourselves who are really passionate about the product they create.
As for myself I would like to gain as much experience I can in all aspects of barbering and hairdressing. I will continue to network with other barbers on social media and at shows and hopefully one day it will be me up on stage showcasing my work to the next up and coming barbers. We all have a vision, you just have to create the opportunities because if you don’t go out and create them they wont come to you.


Written by Josh 


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